What do we do, and why do we do it?

  • Post last modified:May 30, 2023

What do we do at xop.ai?

We act today to keep our client’s businesses relevant in the future by starting their journey on AI, automation, and chatbots.  These technologies efficiently connect staff to your organization’s information, and to automate functions that are manual today.  In short, we make organizations more potent and efficient by harnessing the power of automation.

Why do we do what we do?

Industry research shows that in three short years, business leaders who start the automation journey today will automate 20 – 30% of their workloads by 2026.  Conversely, businesses who do not start this journey soon may not be in business eight years from now.  

Who do we serve?

Businesses and associations / non-profits that have over 50 employees and leverage Microsoft Teams as a core business application.  We are looking for business leaders who wish to invest in employee productivity and automation.

How do we do what we do?

For a high-tech industry – our solution delivery is a personal experience.  We partner with our clients and hold a series of interviews to learn what is important to you, and how to best leverage technology to have a practical impact on your business.

How does one get started?

Our process is straightforward.  Typically, we have two demonstrations – an initial which is generic, and if we are to proceed, a second which is customized to you.  If you want to move forward, we have low cost proof-of-concepts without any contractual commitment.

What is the return on investment / value proposition?

The return on investment is material.   For a 100-employee corporation, we are driving $25 – $35k per month in efficiency and savings.  You will hire fewer employees in the future with existing staff that are much more productive.