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To make your busy life more streamlined, our XoP.ai consultants (we call them digital librarians) will work hard and organize a taxonomy you’ve always dreamed of. Your IT and HR departments will no longer be bombarded with repetitive questions. Instead, your team will be empowered with simple-to-use, self-help access to your organization’s critical data, allowing them to focus on important projects without pause. 

With Xop.ai’s help, your organization will simply become more efficient than how you operate today. Start your day organized and on top of your tasks! When you have one less concern off of your desk and mind, you’ll be boosting your team’s morale, helping you be the best leader. 

Xop.ai Will Guide You

Start your day organized and on top of your tasks! When you have one less concern off of your desk and mind, you’ll be boosting your team’s morale, helping you be the best leader.

Blue Belt Sensei Character

Blue Belt: Knowledge Delivery

It all starts with knowledge delivery. Our digital librarians work with your staff to train the Xop.ai database on your organization’s proprietary information that makes you, you. Our consultants do this in a low-commitment, two-hour interview with your information-holding leaders, publishing the data directly after the interview for testing and staff use. The system gets smarter with every interview. No launch date or employee training is needed.

After the interview process, Xop.ai has the ability to:

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Pink Belt: Micro-Learning

Where do you go for training? How can you see who completed the annual HR training? How can you determine who hasn’t completed the quarterly IT security awareness training? After our consultants conduct interviews, your team members will have curated content, curriculums and compliance quizzes to track results. All results will be sent to your organization’s designated department to test your team member’s retention of knowledge and compliance.

Now Xop.ai is able to:

Orange Belt Sensei Character

Orange Belt: Operational Ticketing

Your IT department has a ticketing system, but what about everything else? All the business’ internal operations are saved here — HR, benefits, finance, delivery and leveraging integrated Teams-based ticketing. This tier offers your team a self-help service desk to communicate commonly asked questions, such as account receivables and reporting.

Now Xop.ai is able to:

Aqua Belt Sensei Character

Aqua Belt: Self-Service

In Microsoft Teams, Xop.ai provides self-help options for staff to resolve typical IT issues before they move to the IT department. Now that Xop.ai is close to mastering automatic processes, its machine-learned capabilities have logged similar or common IT issues to help you solve your problem. By offering a self-help option for all team members in the organization, your company becomes empowered, and your employees become more self-sufficient.

Now Xop.ai is able to:

Black Belt Sensei Character with a White Bandana

Black Belt: Automation

After our consultants meet with your organization’s leaders, Xop.ai will harness the power of full automation of repetitive tasks, also known as RPA, or robotic process automation. The sky is the limit. It now has the capabilities to execute commands and has limitless potential.

Some repetitive tasks that can be automated in workforces include:

It’s Time to Master Workplace Productivity:

Imagine having a digital librarian who connects you to all the information you need, whether it be an email, a document, or a PDF file. Instant access to information at your fingertips sounds too good to be true, right? But with XoP.ai, we make this possible for you. We make it possible for you to become the master of your workplace when it comes to productivity and efficiency, as you’ll have accessible and shareable information when you need it. You’re already an expert in your industry, but with XoP.ai, you’ll become a communication and information master, as your team will be able to turn to you with questions that you can answer confidently. It’s time to karate chop your way to the top!