Eliminate, Automate, Educate

  • Post last modified:May 29, 2023

Do you have a throw pillow on one of your couches that says “love, live & laugh”?   My version of it (sorry, I am a geek) says “eliminate, automate & educate”.   Had these custom made.  They sit on my home office couch as a daily reminder of why I went in business.

Our mission at xop.ai is to help our organizations begin their journey on automation and AI today, so that they are competitive in the future.  Organizations that start this process today will automate a substantial workload in the future. 

What I have learned in my first half year in business is that I spend a good amount of time educating business leaders on what is possible with automation and AI.  It’s a fun topic to talk about – eyes start to open wide – and I get a lot of smiles. 

I break AI and automation into four categories:

  • Educate – Utilizing automation to deliver knowledge, processes, procedures, and training to the user.
  • Automate – Developing tools to automate processes that are typically manual.
  • Deduce – Analyzing data, oftentimes from different sources, to reach conclusions or make predictions.
  • Create – Leveraging AI to develop written, graphical, and video content.

A couple times a month I will write a quick post focusing on AI and automation solutions in one of these four areas.  We will review a function historically manual and describe how we can automate it.

Thanks for reading.  If you want to have a conversation on automation and AI in your workplace, just book a time on my calendar.  http://calendly.com/mattruck