Top 10 uses for the xop bot !!!

  • Post last modified:June 11, 2023

The bot can do so much! Your productive secret weapon makes everyone on your staff more efficient! What can the bot do for you? Here is our top 10 list !!

10. Deploy the xop bot on your public website to help your visitors find information. A website version of the bot can help your visitors find what they need quickly!

9. Use xop as an internal ticketing system. One of the often-overlooked benefits of the xop bot – is that you can use it internally as a lightweight ticketing system for HR and internal operations!

8. Push down training to staff! Spin up new employees sooner by delivering training via a Teams bot. Convert written training into AI avatar animated videos that staff will enjoy watching!

7. Store information that is infrequently needed. An often-overlooked function of the xop bot is to deliver infrequently needed but important information. Who is the building engineer? An important data point if someone is trapped in an elevator.

6. Find vendor contact information in a snap! Use the xop bot to manage vendors, to keep a copy of their agreement on hand, and to supply a quick contact list to manage customer service issues!

5. Provide answers to HR and benefits questions! Ingest your employee manual and other process documents into xop so that your staff can ask away! Eliminate all the 5-minute, 10-minute email replies and manual effort.

4. Get everyone on staff using the correct templates. Proposals, contracts, work orders, and other forms – get everyone playing to the same sheet of music!

3. Automatically deploy new employee accounts with just one form. Stop the error-prone, labor wasting manual employee setup process! The xop bot can automate new employee provisioning and create all application accounts at once!

2. As a 24/7 self help option for IT requests! We pre-populate the bot with 1000’s of IT questions and answers around the Microsoft 365 application stack, as well as other off-the-shelf applications. We can then customize IT self-help for your internal processes.

1. Find procedures and processes for a quick glance. The xop bot’s knowledge management platform delivers processes, procedures, and other important documentation to your staff.