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Tell us, does this sound familiar?

You find yourself heading down a rabbit hole searching everywhere for that file

Maybe it’s an excel spreadsheet with last year’s Capex budget. Maybe it’s a PowerPoint that your coworker put together – (they did a great job crafting a procedure on how to enter project time entries).  Maybe you are just looking for a website with information on your dental benefits.

But you can’t find it. You email/Teams message your colleagues: “Hey I need that budget spreadsheet that Tom put together last year. Does anyone know where it is?”

Is it in a Teams Channel? A network drive?  A personal OneDrive? Somewhere on SharePoint?

You sigh in frustration, coming up empty-handed, looking at the time only to realize that 20 minutes have flown by, and even worse — you have wasted your colleagues’ trying to give you a hand, leading to wasted time/lowered productivity. And you know how it goes – sometimes you get the file and it’s an older version. You may ask yourself, “Is this the final version? It doesn’t look right.”

Bottom line – you find the right file. The best-case scenario is just wasted time. The worst case is the information is lost, and you spend cycles rebuilding the file from scratch.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.

Data is often stored in multiple places, physically and virtually. When you have many hands accessing these files over the years, items can get moved around, deleted or organized incorrectly. This can lead to confusion and stress. Well, there’s good news. You don’t need to reach out to a human for assistance. is trained and uses AI to connect users to information using a plain text search engine inside Teams. bridges the gap and connects staff with intellectual property efficiently – dramatically increasing workplace productivity and satisfaction. helps solve the most common (and most frustrating) problem your staff experiences – your data is everywhere, and there is no central organizational system.

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Meet the xop bot.

Xop is a bot that lives inside Microsoft Teams – and when trained properly — he’s quite the helpful fellow. Our sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI)-powered bot karate chops away inefficiencies in your workforce.

Ask xop a question, and he will search his AI database for an answer.’s AI database is populated by a digital librarian (a real human being) who interviews your staff to determine what information ought to be populated into the database. 

A simple three-ingredient formula that has powerful results.

Infographic of's three-ingredient formula.

1)  Your digital librarian will work with your staff to identify your critical data, processes, vendors, employee trainings, onboardings, etc. We help organize and categorize your data so that it can be easily updated and maintained.

2) Your staff asks questions inside the xop bot – no different than how they use a search engine today. Plain text questions yield answers.

3) If delivers the correct data, your staff clicks a button indicating success. If not, answer no and a ticket is logged for your digital librarian to train with accurate data.

With, you will have the power to:

What kind of answers and information can the xop bot provide?

The possibilities are infinite. Together, we partner with our clients to make the MOST useful technology tool for you and your colleagues. and Microsoft Teams

For many organizations, Microsoft Teams has become the most important and utilized application that employees use, especially since the transition to hybrid and remote work, with your staff leveraging Teams and working “inside the application” all day.

Many organizations have completed the migration to OneDrive and SharePoint to fully enable Microsoft’s vision for a “Modern Workplace” environment for Microsoft 365 users. simply takes it a step further. The xop bot application inside Microsoft Teams now becomes a conduit to access information, education, self-help and ticketing/tracking of common office issues.

“The number of daily active users of Microsoft Teams have almost doubled the past year, increasing from 145 million users in 2021 to 270 million in 2022.”

— Statista

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Our Mission

Working efficiently often leads to a sense of accomplishment. When you can delegate repetitive tasks, organize files in one database and automate training, your organization will boost morale and productivity. is here for your business to ensure your disorganization is karate chopped!

Integrate xop into your processes today. You’re going to love having only a single interface to organize all your data. Let’s start working smarter, not harder.

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