Custom AI Solutions Directly In Microsoft Teams

Practical, affordable, and safe applications of AI and Automation that make every employee more efficient and productive!

Master Workplace Productivity with

Reduce support costs by automating routine inquiries and troubleshooting with your own custom AI chatbot. Empower your staff to self-resolve with instant responses to queries, enhancing efficiency and allowing your support team to focus on more complex issues.

HR Self-Help Chatbots

Help new employees become productive faster and reduce HR's administrative workload.

Easily Find Important Data

Ensure employees are well-prepared and adhere to standards, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

IT Self-Help Chatbots

Empowers employees to solve issues independently. Reduce the time spent on repetitive processes.

Task Automation

Ensure employees are expertly integrated and well-coordinated, enhancing overall productivity.

Practical AI Automation and Knowledge Management

No portals, self-help options directly in Microsoft Teams


Reduce HR clerical workload

Streamline employee onboarding & Ramp up time


Reduce IT level 1 workload

Empower your staff with Self-Help Options


Savings/month per 50 staff

Enhance your information storage,
organization & accessibility

Powerful Return on Investment

Industries specializes in

Learn about can have an impact on your industry.
Our team creates solutions specific to your companies needs.

Cyclic Improvement Loop has the unique ability to gather real-time user inputs that drive the continuous improvement of data accuracy in bot responses, ensuring that the bot evolves and adapts to user expectations.

Your digital librarian will work with you staff to organize your data so that it can be easily accessed and maintained.

Learn how to unlock the power of AI with xop CEO Matt Ruck

Eliminate redundant and time consuming manual work and supercharge your organization's industry impact

Via the powerful collaboration of generative AI and our own real-life digital librarians, generates a comprehensive database where all of your company’s data can be accessed quickly. No more repetitive e-mails and basic IT roadblocks. 

Your data is everywhere. lets you search right in Microsoft Teams

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