It typically takes one calendar month to deploy the technology stack and enable your private generative AI tenant and custom teams bot.   After that, the implementation timeline largely depends on how much you want to implement out of the suite.  Many organizations begin with one department and complete the content creation & curation process before formulating a larger plan for the company.  The HR department is a great place to start!

xop.ai’s ticketing system offers an efficient and organized way to handle tasks across various company departments, from HR to finance, and replaces inefficient emails and spreadsheets.  Too often small and medium sized businesses lack an internal ticketing system, which is often necessary for an organization to grow and mature.

xop.ai is designed for seamless user adoption. Thanks to its natural language processing capabilities and menu-driven scripted AI, users can interact with it just as they would in a natural conversation. This intuitive design means there’s little to no end-user training required. Furthermore, xop.ai isn’t a separate application; it’s a bot running directly inside Microsoft Teams. So, users won’t need to familiarize themselves with a new platform, making the adoption process even smoother.

Watch this three-minute video.  Scripted AI operates based on predefined rules and responses. It gives consistent answers and is often used when a set response is desired every time a particular query is presented. In contrast, generative AI creates responses based on patterns it has learned from vast amounts of data, allowing it to produce varied answers and generate content that wasn’t explicitly programmed. While scripted AI offers reliability and consistency, generative AI provides flexibility and adaptability to different contexts and queries.

By accessing the knowledge of company leaders and ensuring their institutional knowledge is properly documented, xop.ai helps mitigate the risk of losing valuable insights and information.  Put more simply, if a long-term employee leaves your organization the content curation process has properly documented all the know-how.

xop.ai’s chatbots, running on both scripted and generative AI, provide self-help for IT and HR issues, allowing for more efficient problem-solving and ensuring everyone operates with the latest information.

While it varies from organization-to-organization, many benefit greatly from automating the process of onboarding a new employee.  Please watch this three-minute video for a demonstration.

Yes, with our fractional digital librarian service, xop.ai will constantly update and maintain the accuracy of your content based on feedback from users and changing business needs.  This service is the glue that holds everything together once the project is completed.   We want to ensure that your digital assets stay current and reflective of your business.

xop.ai uses a combination of scripted AI for consistent answers and a very safe generative AI studio that runs solely against customer-selected documents. Plus, the AI can provide footnotes for its sources, allowing users to verify the information.

By leveraging the capabilities of generative AI, many common HR requests can be addressed, reducing the workload on HR staff and allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.

xop.ai will work with clients to recast content, often turning Word documents into AI-generated videos and integrating them into AI-driven platforms like chatbots and Microsoft Teams.

Absolutely. With the fractional digital librarian service, xop.ai stays on board to ensure that the implemented systems remain current, accurate, and beneficial to the client.

When the bot answers incorrectly or with outdate information, users can give feedback directly in the Teams bot chat. Just give the bot a red thumbs down, indicating an inaccurate response.  It triggers a ticket for our digital librarian to address and correct.

xop.ai’s solutions, including the ticketing system and chatbots, are built ground up to run seamlessly within Microsoft Teams, ensuring a familiar and easy-to-use interface for staff.

Scripted AI guarantees consistent answers, especially for official documents like policies, while generative AI can produce varied responses based on a vast knowledge base, ensuring comprehensive support.

xop.ai’s generative AI studio is designed to run only against the documents selected by the customer, ensuring data privacy and content accuracy.  We also footnote and properly sources the information for the user, further delivering transparency in AI solutions we can trust.

By integrating AI-driven content creation, chatbots, and operational ticketing systems, businesses can streamline operations, improve customer experiences, and ensure quick access to up-to-date information, gaining a competitive edge.

By making your teams more efficient through AI-driven tools and reducing the dependency on additional hires, xop.ai’s solutions can help businesses stay resilient and adapt to economic changes.  In short – we prepare you to do more with less.

Yes, with automation, chatbots, and self-help options, xop.ai aims to significantly reduce the remedial workload, allowing IT staff to focus on more strategic projects.  Properly implemented, the xop platform can offload 20 – 40% of the helpdesk ticket load from the helpdesk.

We recommend that you keep sensitive information out of xop. However, it may make sense to use the bot to point the user to the correct person, policy or procedure. For example, we could train the xop bot to answer the following question: “What is our bank routing and account number for a wire transfer?” The answer may be: “If you are looking for information to complete a wire, please call Chris in accounting at 567-5389.”

xop.ai’s automation solutions are designed to optimize and automate repetitive tasks, eliminating manual processes and enhancing efficiency. This not only saves time but also ensures consistency and reduces human error, ultimately driving productivity and improving overall business outcomes.

Absolutely. xop.ai believes that every business is unique, and thus, its automation solutions are flexible and can be tailored to align with your specific business requirements and workflows. This ensures that you get the maximum benefit out of the automation, tailored to your specific context and needs.

xop.ai’s automation solutions are built with integration in mind. They can easily be integrated with popular business tools and platforms, ensuring a seamless workflow across your organization. Whether it’s CRM systems, ERP platforms, or other productivity tools, xop.ai ensures smooth interoperability.  xop.ai’s platform natively integrates with many applications.  We also use Microsoft Power-Automate, and Zapier for automation as well.

Implementing xop.ai’s automation solutions can result in significant time savings, reduced manual errors, and improved operational efficiency. This can lead to faster response times, increased customer satisfaction, and overall cost savings. While the exact ROI will vary depending on the specific use case and implementation, many businesses find that automation pays for itself in a short period (often in a matter of months, not years) due to these benefits.  We built an ROI calculator here – take a look.  

Absolutely. The xop.ai platform places security at the forefront of its design and operations. Here’s why you can trust its security:

Dedicated Instances: We utilize dedicated instances in Microsoft Azure, ensuring dedicated resources and stringent security measures.

Integration with Active Directory: xop.ai seamlessly integrates with your existing Active Directory (AD). This means user authentication and access controls are managed using systems you’re already familiar with.

Data Access and Security Levels: The platform respects your existing security attributes. Access to data and security levels are based on the parameters you’ve already established within your organization.

Generative AI Safeguard: Our generative AI operates securely, interacting only with the data you’ve specifically selected. It doesn’t access any other external databases or information sources.

Trustworthy Linkage: Rather than storing all your data, xop.ai provides secure linkage to your existing data, ensuring no additional vulnerabilities.

In summary, xop.ai is designed with robust security measures, making it a secure and trustworthy platform for your AI and automation needs.