Generative AI now built into bot!

  • Post last modified:June 8, 2023 and our development partners launch production ready, commercially available generative and scripted AI solutions, all running in a plain language Microsoft Teams bot.

Generative AI – using only your selected datasets.

Truly a game-changing advance in our AI technologies – the xop bot now generatively creates replies to questions utilizing the customer’s data.  These features deliver natural language responses summarizing the salient points it finds in one or many documents.

The combination of information sources makes the xop bot arguably the most powerful customized AI tool-set commercially available and production ready for our clients. 

The three core information stores work together to solve many different use cases.  While generative AI has broad application, the other two sources – “Curated” content and “External Data Stores” – have powerful and practical customer applications.

Curated / Scripted Content

Curated content – sometimes called scripted content, is manually developed questions and answers populated into an information store.  The most common use cases for scripted content is producing the exactly correct answer that your staff is looking for. 

“Where is the latest contract template for our services?”

“Where is the new hire training library?”

“What is our building engineers contact information?”

These are all examples of scripted questions and answers – and is a cornerstone to our “AI on guardrails” philosophy.

External Data Stores brings in third party data sources, usually in the context of providing self-help options for IT support.  Out-of-the-box we deploy thousands of Q&A tech support solutions to help end users self-serve and self-solve their own issues, reducing the load on helpdesk staff.

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