Streamlining Employee Onboarding with the Automation Suite

  • Post last modified:August 22, 2023

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Integrating new employees is a pivotal event for growing organizations. Yet, behind the scenes, HR and IT departments face significant challenges in equipping these newcomers with the necessary technology.

During my tenure as CEO of designDATA, this emerged as a consistent area of concern among clients. They yearned for an onboarding process where technology enabled new hires to flourish from the outset, rather than obstructing their initial experience. In light of this, it’s worth contrasting the conventional onboarding methodology with the modern solution offered by

Traditionally, a considerable collective effort is required to provision network and application accounts. The journey commences with configuring Active Directory, which is paramount as it defines user access and privileges. A misstep at this juncture could either limit an employee’s capabilities or expose them to undue access, both scenarios with their respective challenges. Subsequently, the IT team sets up Microsoft 365, spanning services from email to SharePoint and Teams. Moreover, they often install a gamut of other tools, including multi-factor authentication, remote management, security software, disk encryption, and anti-malware applications.

After the applications that “everyone” receives in the base application stack, diverse roles necessitate different applications like CRM, ERP, marketing tools, PDF tools, accounting software, and the list goes on. The manual installation and configuration of these tools not only consume vast amounts of time but are also susceptible to oversights and mistakes. It’s only after navigating this intricate maze that the organization begins the process of procuring and provisioning necessary equipment, such as laptops or phones.  Regrettably, such a multifaceted, manually-driven approach is often marred by delays and errors. It burdens the IT staff and, more importantly, risks souring the initial excitement of a fresh recruit.

This is where and its groundbreaking automation suite emerge as game-changers. Their philosophy revolves around dismantling cumbersome legacy procedures in favor of a nimble, precise, and accelerated system.

The model is refreshingly straightforward. First, we embrace smart forms which interface seamlessly with your network and application stack. HR teams, typically the initial touchpoint for recruits, fill out these forms with fundamental details. This approach obviates the complexities of juggling multiple communication channels or misplacing critical emails.

Then we leverage what we call Role-Based Persona Assignments. On choosing the job role, the system, by default, discerns the necessary applications for the employee, mitigating decision fatigue and potential gaps in provisioning.

Capitalizing on this data,’s system swings into action. It autonomously sets up the requisite accounts and applications, ensuring every tool is prepped and primed for the employee’s first day on the job. What’s more, the solution boasts a seamlessly integrated workflow for equipment provisioning, enabling timely hardware deliveries without undue hold-ups.

The dividends of adopting the methodology are significant. Automation vastly accelerates the setup process, translating to substantial time savings. The reliance on manual interventions, a prime catalyst for errors, is drastically curtailed. New hires are greeted with a seamless tech setup on their first day, reflecting organizational competency and consideration. Additionally, the palpable reduction in man-hours dedicated to setups equates to a tangible financial benefit.

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