Elevate Your Credit Union or Community Bank with Safe Advanced AI Solutions

We partner with Credit Unions and community banks with innovative AI technology, enhancing staff productivity, compliance training, and self-service capabilities. Explore how our solutions can transform your institution.

Bringing new staff up to speed quickly is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency. Our AI solutions leverage knowledge management and engaging AI avatar animated videos to ensure new hires are productive from day one:

  • Knowledge Management Systems: Centralize and streamline access to essential information, making it easy for new staff to find what they need.
  • AI Avatar Animated Videos: Provide interactive, animated training sessions that engage new employees, helping them learn faster and retain more information.

With our solutions, your new staff will become valuable team members sooner, contributing to your institution’s success.

Comprehensive Compliance and Policy Training

Staying compliant with regulations and internal policies is vital for any financial institution. We offer targeted training programs using AI-driven tools to ensure your staff is always up-to-date:

  • Compliance Training: Cover critical regulations like the Bank Secrecy Act, providing specific examples relevant to roles such as bank tellers and managers. Ensure your staff understands their obligations to prevent money laundering and other illegal activities.

  • Policy Training:Keep your team informed about internal policies, ensuring consistent adherence to bank standards.

Our training programs are designed to be interactive and engaging, making complex regulations and policies easier to understand and follow.

Empowering Employees with Self-Service Chatbots

Free up your HR and IT teams by enabling employees to resolve many of their own issues using advanced chatbots:

  • HR Self-Service: Employees can access information and perform tasks such as updating personal details, checking leave balances, and understanding benefits without needing HR intervention.

  • IT Self-Service: Handle common IT issues like password resets, software troubleshooting, and access requests autonomously, reducing the load on your IT support team.

By providing these self-service options, your staff can focus on more strategic tasks, improving overall efficiency and satisfaction.

These AI-driven solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of Credit Unions and community banks, ensuring smoother operations, better compliance, and enhanced employee productivity. Join us in embracing the future of banking with advanced AI technology.

Security First Mindset

We understand that security is paramount in the financial services sector. Our AI solutions are designed with a security-first mindset, ensuring that your institution’s data remains protected and your security footprint remains un-compromised.

  • Dedicated Tenants:We provision dedicated tenants for each of our financial services clients, ensuring that your data is isolated and secure. This dedicated approach minimizes risk and enhances data protection.

  • Seamless Azure AD Integration: Our solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing Azure AD (Entra), aligning with your security protocols and maintaining the integrity of your security infrastructure. This integration ensures that our product does not meaningfully increase your security footprint.

  • Zero-Data Start: We adopt a zero-data start approach, beginning with no data in your tenant. We then carefully and explicitly connect necessary information, such as documents and attachments to SharePoint folders, ensuring a secure and deliberate deployment process.

  • Thoughtful Deployment:Our deployment strategy is meticulous and thorough. By carefully connecting information and integrating with your existing systems, we ensure that our solutions do not cause issues down the road, maintaining the stability and security of your environment.

Security is our top priority. Our solutions are designed to provide advanced functionality without compromising your institution’s security standards.