Matt Ruck to speak at Capital Bank, non-profit lunch and learn “Supercharge Staff Productivity with Practical AI Solutions”.

  • Post last modified:June 6, 2024

I’m excited to announce my upcoming presentation at the “Supercharge Staff Productivity with Practical AI Solutions” event, hosted by Capital Bank. The event will be held Tuesday, June 25th, 11:30am, at the Rockville, MD headquarters of Capital Bank. This event is intended for executives who oversee operations for non-profit organizations and associations in the DC metropolitan area. As the founder and CEO of, I will be sharing insights on how AI and automation can revolutionize organizational efficiency. is at the forefront of AI solutions designed to enhance productivity and streamline operations. Our AI knowledge management platforms enable businesses to train chatbots that assist employees in accessing and utilizing company knowledge. This encompasses understanding company processes and self-resolving issues, which significantly reduces the need for direct support from HR and IT departments. Since our founding in February 2023, we’ve been committed to helping organizations leverage AI to drive tangible ROI.

Key takeaways from my presentation will include:

  • Development of private chatbots which exclusively connect to your organization’s information. When you control the data source, your staff can trust what the AI is telling the end user.
  • HR and IT chatbots that empower staff to self-resolve 20-50% of their issues, enhancing efficiency and reducing workload. This allows HR and IT to focus on higher value work.
  • Web chatbots that members can use to access information or customer services, further streamlining operations.
  • Knowledge management chatbots trained on your organization’s policies and procedures, empowering employees and transferring know-how from seasoned staff to new hires.
  • AI avatar animated videos – Take written content and use AI to convert it to video – Make new staff more productive, faster, by short topic-based AI video development.

Additionally, I will be conducting live hands-on demonstrations of these AI solutions, showcasing their practical applications and the significant ROI they can deliver.

Association and non-profit executives interested in attending can register for the event here. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how AI can supercharge your organization’s productivity and efficiency!