xop.ai launches online ROI calculator

  • Post last modified:September 1, 2023

Common sense, affordable and secure AI, running against only your datasets.

xop.ai partners with you to 1) Make your people more efficient and productive, and 2) to automate workflows that are manual today.    We are all about common sense automation and AI that drive directly down to the bottom line.

We accomplish this with a combination of people power (our business analysts & your leadership team), and enterprise grade technology –  AI, automation, private generative AI you can trust, and chatbots.

If your organization is just 5 – 10% more efficient than your competition, imagine the multiplier effect gained over the years.   So, that’s our aim – leverage technology to increase user productivity and back-office automation – and let’s put some distance between you and your competition.

Take a look at our calculator here